Sunday, November 23, 2014

Story Table and Media Project

This represents the final assignment for the term's class in Media and the Psychology of Story. The story which is outlined in the previous blog, is a reflective project of a period in my life when the problems and dilemmas I faced, along with the right people at the right time, with the right questions, put a "Y" in the road for me. While Polkinghorne (1991) asserts that we are narrators of our life story, I would maintain that Heidegger (1927) was also correct when he indicated that we have the opportunity to author our story, as well. Polkinghorne is correct, that many things happen to us and the events of our lives, that are outside of our control, but yet, there are critical moments that each of us face when a decision can put our lives on a different narrative arc than the trajectory we were traveling. This story represents those moments when a decision made, determines a different narrative, with much different outcomes.

Attached is my Story Table and Media Project which reflects the script posted previously. This project was done in Windows Movie Maker, which has rudimentary editing tools. The Story Table is attached and is also posted at

Story Table for Mike's Journey:



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